Our North American research in the Mississippi State pilot plant and the testing agencies indicate we are superior to the present engineered products on the markets with our properties ranging from 1.8 MOE’s with 2600 Fb’s to 2.4MOE’s with 3100 Fb’s. These numbers may vary with species and using low-cost fast-grown trees with little other commercial value. In Malaysia, with testing by the Forest Research Institute Malaya (FRIM) we have similarly attained the following MOE’s:

Earlier we mentioned that the TimTek products were environmentally acceptable since this process is low on energy usage. In studies conducted by British Columbia’s Hydro Power Unit the TimTek products use 30% less electrical energy and 28% less thermal energy than in the manufacturing of laminated veneer lumber (LVL). There are no vapors or gases wasted into the atmosphere and there is no water pollution.

The TimTek products will qualify for Structural Composit Lumber (SCL) and specifically for Steam Pressed Strand Lumber (SPSL) and because of the stiffness and strength easily compete with laminated veneer lumber (LVL), parallel strand lumber (PSL), and laminated strand lumber (LSL) .

It also will compete very favorably with cross laminated timber (CLT) since our designs can produce timbers up to 4 feet wide, up to 8 inches thick and up to 40 feet long and could be used vertically in multi-storied buildings as well for other engineered lumber uses.

Another advantage TimTek has over its engineered lumber competitors is that it owns proprietary and patented technology to treat the scrim with fire-retardants, preservatives and insect preventing chemicals during the process rather than requiring expensive pressure treating and handling after the products are formed. This can be accomplished in several locations during our process or as the beams leave the steam press and offers the licensee just another marketing option for outdoor uses.

A superior lumber beam made using the TimTek process.

For more information, please read the article published by bioresources.com: Mechanical and Durability Properties of Steam-Pressed Scrim Lumber.

Long strand laminate used for multi-story buildings.Because we can produce timbers up to 4 feet wide, 8 inches thick and up to 40 feet long, these can be used to create multi-story buildings. The model here shows how the panels can be assembled to create fast, efficient and sturdy construction using our patented Long Strand Timbers which are expected to outperform CLT and be much more economical to use.