Our process can be best described as being uncomplicated. Our designs are very modern, highly automated, with low labor force and with quality control assurances throughout. As seen in the enclosed diagram of the process there are no knives or sawblades to sharpen and very few areas to wear out. Electrical motors power the crushing and scrimming rolls, the conveyors and the outfeed rolls. Steam and hydraulics are used in the press.

Chart showing the process of manufacture of the TimTek scrimber product.


The furnish for the process essentially relies on small logs with 3 inch to 8 inch diameters and 8 feet to 10 feet in length having been debarked before entering the plant. Through-put in the plant has been measured between 87 to 90% which is far better than any other lumber or veneer technology.  We have experience in trials that successfully converted southern yellow pine, dead lodgepole pine, spruce, aspen, Jack pine, birch and willow in North America. In Malaysia we were successful in converting oil palm, coconut, acacia, sesenduk and bamboo to furniture grade lumber.